To be sustainable is a start

How do we leave everything better?

To sustain is to hold up. To continue. To keep up. To endure without failing or yielding.

To be sustainable is the minimum we humans might aim for.

If we used the old model of a balance sheet, 

Negative  Zero   Positive

Negative is entropic.

Zero is sustainable

Positive is Syntropic and regenerative.

In leadership, stewardship, parenting, business, community, agriculture, economics, government, etc….surely if we aren’t aiming to leave everything better for our work, our labor, our investment, our time, our love…. to be Syntropic…then we are aiming too low.

Aiming to be Syntropic not just for the privileged few, but for Earth and all of her creatures.

To be sustainable is a start, the minimum baseline. 

How do we leave everything better? Now that is a question worth being the root question of every enterprise.

May 11th 2020

Photo taken May 11th, 2020