To celebrate every moment, even as it becomes a regular moment

After a 13-year hiatus since my last date, and having spent most of my life single, last year, completely by surprise and totally out of the blue, I met an extraordinary man and found love.

Mature love, born from having crossed the many rivers of life, having sunk into deep despair, having found love of myself through an acceptance of my aloneness.

Retrospect is easy….to know the countless times I said no to good men, some indomitable part of me not willing to compromise.

To find this kind of love, easy as breathing, rich in dimension as the heavens, and intuitively eternal, has me in constant awe.

Each day I practice, with total commitment, to never take a single moment of our love and togetherness for granted.

To celebrate every moment, even as it becomes a regular moment.

To thank the thousand and one small things with as much gratitude as the regular big things.

It is worth every second of every decade I spent single. I would wish for all humans to have this experience. 

I am completely undone with gratitude.

April 18th 2020

Photo taken April 18th, 2020