To confront

To stand in front of. To be facing.

Truth is hard. It requires us to confront. Until we do, we are at the effect of what we refuse to confront.

To confront threatens everything. Our worldview. Our carefully constructed life. Our history. Our identity. The stories we have told ourselves.

The irony is the cry for freedom and rights is a great call for people. Yet without confronting the truth, there is never freedom or rights. Only illusion and delusion. 

There is no freedom without confronting the truth.

Hard truths are shocking. They disintegrate our being. They take time to reconcile. 

Our history is littered with a wilful failure to confront truth. With those who refuse to know. Those who have never asked. And those who sense, yet know the pain is not able to be integrated while maintaining a semblance of normal. So they go about their day.

And those of us who are innocently ignorant.

We all fit into these many categories around confronting truth to various degrees.

Humanity cannot progress without confronting the truth of our darkness. Darkness and light are paired in eternity. Light can only come when we confront the dark.

Photo Taken May 5th 2024