To examine our own investments is to witness our character

Invest: From Latin investire; To clothe in, to cover, to give capital a new form.

What do we invest our time, energy, love, capital, money and attention to?

We all are equal when it comes to 24 hours. Yet some of us have more energy, more health, more capacity to engage.

Others have more access to knowledge, resources, influence.

If we chart our weeks we might discover that our investments are going to places that are entropic, not syntropic.

Places like revenge, blame, learned helplessness, retribution, righteousness. 

Worry about some future possibility. 

Perhaps into siloed social media, the algorithm stronger than any mind, turning us back upon ourselves to become our own ouroboros, our self-destruction immanent.

Caught in the net of fantasy, addiction as avoidance.

Doing purely nothing is not the problem. It is being unaware of our inner traps, of the webs woven around us, of the incentive to stay quiet, lost in narratives that are untethered from truth, of our enculturated blindness to real value. 

To examine our own investments is to witness our character. 

Photo taken June 5th 2021

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