To Know – the dance of emergence of our eternally regenerative Syntropic Universe

Our Western mind has been trained to know through the intellect, placing intellect as the God of intelligence.

Yet to truly know is through the entirety of our mind body being.

It is visceral, emotive, cognitive. At the least. And quite possibly involves senses we have yet to name. Like pattern recognition and apprehension of coherence and dissonance in the field.

There is a coherence to knowing, a resonance, that creates what I call a vector of power. Not the power ‘over’ that is so revered by elements of our society, but power to act in integrity. 

We know it when we see, experience it, because we know transmission. Communication that penetrates hardened walls. That speaks beyond words.

Be that the voice of Martin Luther King speaking of the dream he has, or the whisper of our own still voice, insisting that we turn left now.

Knowing as an entire mind body being is peaceful. Steady. Absent the drama of our ego. 

It takes intense listening, an open mind body heart, trust in self, the willingness to experience, to touch and taste and build and play, to discern all that is not.

Once we know, our responsibility then becomes to act. For knowledge held still is to deny the dance of emergence of our eternally regenerative Syntropic Universe.

May 26th 2020

Photo taken May 26th, 2020