To put a stake in the ground. To declare

A few years ago, emerging from a dark place, my self-imposed condition of emergence was to put a stake in the ground and no longer try to fix the broken, rescue those who thrive on cycles of rescue and disaster, or convince anyone that economic growth accompanied by worsening social outcomes is not success, but a failure. (Jacinda Ardern)

To put a stake in the ground. To declare. To focus. To say yes to THIS and no to that. To spend days creating a world with a future, rather than getting caught in the mire of the broken.

It might seem risky, particularly when we are creating new maps, new mindsets, new models. As edge dwellers, we will be ridiculed.

But like the man in the arena, rather this than sit in the stalls and complain.

Photo taken July 24th, 2016