If we assume that people are sovereign beings, able to make their own choices, able to discern what is appropriate for them in this moment, then we will approach sales and marketing in a completely different way.

Rather than sell, rather than use spin, seduction and clever tricks, we will invite participation.

We will respect each individual and their ability to determine what is right for them. Our offer will be clean, minus even the slightest taint of seduction and spin doctoring.

It is a very thin line between invitation and seduction. We must remain vigilant to each choice of word, to the pure intention behind what we are doing.

The pull towards fame, more subscribers, more sales, bigger market share, more profits…is so pervasive in our society we rarely see it for what it is.

To invite participation with full intention of the invitation is to honour the sovereign choice we all have.

People are seeking authentic expression, minus the showy and seductive packaging. We want to be treated with respect for our ability to make whole choices.

How do you do this? Go back to your core intention. What is your business really seeking to bring alive in the world? The closer you get to the truth of this, in all of its emotional complexity, the more you will be able to align your message and its expression to this.

How do you determine if a message is wrapped in spin and spell casting? Pause. Feel how the message lands in your body, or your gut. If any part of you feels manipulated, cheated of choice, sold to…then chances are you have been.

Clear clean invitations have a heartfelt transmissive quality to them. There is a “Yesness” about them that simply cannot be argued with and sometimes cannot be rationalised. Trust that.

Great businesses can be built through inviting participation, through respecting the sovereignty of the client. These businesses build long term love and loyalty.

I want to only engage with businesses that honour me…how about you?


Photo credit: .craig via Compfight