To sit in silence

Is to allow the jumble of exterior noise to settle. 

.…the silence might allow that which we have tried to ignore to surface. The questions that are begging to be answered, the feelings our Soul urges us to attend to take full presence in our being. 

These feelings can be overwhelming. Silence, then, is the enemy of their immensity. We will do anything to avoid even a moment of silence.

To be comfortable in our own silence is to be comfortable with the full measure of our being and all of the diversity of emotions we have. 

To be at home in our own silence is to be at home with ourselves. It can take years, decades even, to find our equilibrium in silence.

Until we are able to do this…to love the entire dimensions of our interior… the rough, the smooth, the reconciled, the unreconciled…

…we might find it hard to sit in silence with another.

To sit in silence with another, to not need words, to not seek to fill the simply be present to the field of our together being…relaxed, at peace…is to experience intimacy. 

Silence is one of the greatest teachers.

September 19th 2019

Photo taken September 19th, 2019