To stay engaged with life

People seek the elixir of youth, resorting to everything from injecting foreign substances to preserving the dead body in the hope it might be resurrected with technology. (Nothing new about that, the Pharaohs and others got that trend started.)

To stay engaged with life, to constantly upgrade our own learning, to never stop becoming a beginner, to be endlessly curious, to stay in the conversation with youth and their worldview – not to dismiss or ridicule, but to understand and inhabit their world – this is the elixir of youth.

I watch people be reduced by fear of the new, the unknown, no matter their age, and I watch them age.

To be able to stand on the threshold of emergence, holding the space for whatever is wanting to emerge, rather than needing to direct or control, this is the place of renewal, rebirth, regeneration.

January 7th 2019

Photo Taken January 7th, 2019