To step back into the field of a relationship after an absence requires a recalibration

Music, a thousand notes that together make a symphony, taking the listener into realms not known. Great music recalibrates, bathes us in transcendent beauty. Has us move our feet and bodies despite ourselves.

I am not a musician, yet I know, like most of us, when a note is off.

There is a bump, a discord. A pattern interrupt. 

We humans are like notes. When we are in synchronicity, we have a harmonic. There is a flow between us clearly evident. 

For synergy to occur this flow state is required. The collective fibres of our individual music together swell into extraordinary beauty and infinite capacity.

To step back into the field of relationship after an absence requires a recalibration. A time to find the resonance. To explore the edges of each other’s new field. 

We cannot step into the same field twice. There is an attenuation, a respect for deep listening, to join the chorus and not be the off note. To honour the changes, subtle and overt, that time has moulded. 

The Jazz artists of the world know this. To listen, listen, hold, hold, respect, respect, then join the play.

March 8th 2020

Photo taken March 8th, 2020