To the aggressor the lover

In our hyper-tech, hyper-masculine, hyper-neocapitalistic world, the spoils go to the aggressive. The takers.

Those who are fluent in selling illusion. Who seek insta fame through fakery and deceit, accumulating likes as status and money as power. Who increases the asymmetry of knowledge and access with each step they take, deriding social giving to those with limited access, yet insisting on being sponsored by the state as their power grows.

The carers, the lovers, the gentle, are devoured.

Women and men who know how to build trust in community, who tender the broken, who understand relationship. Invalidated.

In the end, the lion who eats it all will die of hunger.

And when dying, it will be the gentle and the loving holding his hand.

Too late then.

Let us invite another way. Let us honour the wisdom of nature, where diversity is what enables resilience and anti-fragility.

We need the Yin to the Yang. To the aggressor, the lover. To the ambitious, the steadfast.

To the sunrise, the sunset.

Perhaps Beauty, invited in, might be the bridge between the poles.

July 9th 2018

Photo Taken July 26th 2016


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