To truly transform

Its messy. Non linear. Unpredictable. You enter a stage of complete disintegration. Mush. Undifferentiated. Being so completely in the unknown, it is scary. Up is down and down is left, or right, or nothing.

We want the change, but we insist on moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic, optioning off the best seats, and speaking of bold actions. Great innovations. Incrementalism as if it is transformation.

We want our politicians to implement the bold changes so we have a world with a future. We criticise them for constantly moving deck chairs around. We argue endlessly over how and what, which keeps us feeling like we are making a contribution to transformation, without actually transforming.

But are we really up for transformative change created in advance by humans before we are forced to transform through the natural world spitting us out?

I am not sure we are. There is so much invested in the status quo. Our comfortable spaces and places, our privilege, it is all so very nice.

So we continue to talk about transformation without actually meaning transformation.

But like a little invisible virus, much to our surprise, we humans are not the captains of Spaceship Earth, only its guests.

We be transformed. And it will be messy, non-linear, surprising, confusing, and ultimately beautiful.

Welcome to the chrysalis. I hold the image of your, mine, our butterfly.

Photo taken July 28th, 2017