To walk the Earth in partnership

On partnering.

The gardener tends to the soil, which may take weeks or years. It needs to be alive, rich in bacteria and worms before it is ready to become the foundation for plants that thrive.

The relationship between the gardener, the soil, the Earth, worms, microbes – is an exquisite one of care and respect, held in the dynamic of partnership.

Partnership asks that we meet as different equals, knowing that our individual contributions count, yet as individuals we are insufficient to the whole of what is being created.

Within the boundaries of partnering is the recognition of both the imperfection/perfection of each partner, and the knowing that it is through our willingness to hold the dynamic of togetherness that greatness will emerge.

The artist partners with the paint, the easel, and the emerging creation.

To walk the Earth in partnership, as a counterfoil to our habit of dominion, is to generate love.

August 1st 2018

Photo Taken August 1st 2018