Today I celebrate kindness

Today I celebrate all the people who stand true against all temptations.

Those people who say thank you to the wait staff and the person at the checkout.

Who treat others with respect, no matter what their circumstance.

Who reaches a hand out to help a stranger.

Those who are kind to animals.

Who cleans up after themselves, leaving their space cleaner than when they arrived.

Today I celebrate kindness, respect, care… humanity at its very best.

I celebrate those who dare to step into the arena and do what they can, even if they get it wrong. How easy is it to ridicule a failed attempt when we haven’t even made an attempt. I celebrate those brave souls who refused to stand and watch, instead choosing to act, choosing to perhaps fail.

I celebrate my own failed attempts at so many things. Each one a lesson, forged through pain and fear.

Once again into the fray. Fear will not win.

I celebrate today. A chance to begin again. Wiser, more compassionate. Fully here.

September 25th 2018

Photo taken September 22nd 2018


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