Too big to fail

Too big to fail means failure is both certain and a must.

The irony of neoliberal doctrine is that the preaching is about free markets, the ability for the atomised individual to rise out of poverty and make it and for businesses to become empires has within its very structures every element of its undoing and failure.

Markets are not free. They must be held within some regulation container, otherwise the dark side of people will poison, lie, cheat, exploit and corrupt. Our current markets have been adjusted and regulated to privilege the already wealthy. Hence there is no desire to change them, for the already wealthy hold the power.

People held back for decades, then generations – by poor quality education, asymmetries of opportunity, bad diet – rarely manage to rise out of poverty. Governments from the left and right have ignored them for decades, to the degree that those with less access to everything now listen to those political actors who lie and cheat, but appear to be speaking for them. This erosion of education and care has created a class of people easily manipulated by the powerful. Hence the powerful are invested in keeping things exactly as they are. Conspiracy runs riot, manipulated with glee by those who benefit from keeping people distracted.

Businesses have been allowed to become empires. The monopolies have eroded the very central elements of what is known as capitalism. Healthy competition.

Healthy competition now lives mainly in the domain of small business—and small business struggles against Monopoly. 

The macroeconomics of the world is held in the hands of very few. 

Failure for the too big to fail will create short-term horrid side effects. But failure is inevitable. It is the way of everything. The only question is when.

Nature does not do monopoly. Nature is an intricate web of cooperation, collaboration, cycles, and access. 

When humans remember we are Nature, we might begin to design better.

Photo Taken September 3rd 2023