Too safe

Sunk costs – time and energy invested into a life or business to be where you are now – is a poor excuse to keep the status quo.

Kodak clung tightly to sunk costs as the digital camera went from oddity to ubiquitous.

We cling to safety, the stuff we know, to keep our sunk costs balanced.

It is a fool’s game.

Too safe is entropic. 

Life is a risk. 

To stay safe, to not rock the boat, and to have the sunk costs lead to decisions is a form of living death.

Life is neither equilibrium, perfect balance nor cocoons of safety.

We must pick the living edges in which to play.

Learning, discomfort, novice states, beginning again – this is juicy. 

To deny, refuse to see, or embrace our emergence is to be entropic.

Like a warm bath, it feels so good for a while. Until we become cold inside.

Photo Taken June 20th 2023