Tools don’t build culture

Tools don’t build culture. Culture builds tools.

Yes, it drives me nuts when people try to squeeze culture into a tool – like a DAO. (Decentralised autonomous organisation)

I have been crafting Syntropic World as an enterprise for nearly five years now, and it still does not have a legal code wrapped around it – the complete opposite of what Business School 101 advises. 

The code needs to be informed by culture and our purpose. It is far easier to have it live in the simplest form possible until culture says this is the tool that will enable our culture to flourish more.

It is an ongoing conversation with the emergence of our enterprise and the culture that stewards it.

If our culture has a problem that a tool might help solve, we seek the tool as a response. 

Humanity first, culture first, tools and technology second.

At least this is the way in a Syntropic World

Photo Taken October 22nd  2023