Tracking energy flow

This morning I went for a surf. The waves were all over the place, here, there, inconsistent. It was like trying to read a map while riding a downhill mountain bike. 

I did manage to catch a great wave. It was luck and timing. Certainly not skill in reading waves.

Tracking the energy flow of the waves required a skill I do not yet have. 

Tracking the energy flow of our being and work is crucial. Where do we come alive? Where do we drag our feet? Are our feet dragging because of lack of skill, fear of failure, or not wanting to be in the headlights? 

Or is dragging our feet revealing a deeper truth that we do not come alive in this place, no matter skill or context?

Does this energy flow resistance reveal a deeper truth, or must we stay in discomfort until our fluency and skill become greater?

The waves this morning reflected my state of mind. Here, there, all over the place. I am learning wave language. On days like this, I might remember that beneath the surface, in the deep, the state is steady, and the path is clear.

To restore flow, I might pay the deep a visit.

Photo Taken September 28th  2023