Opinions are free, easy and require zero commitment.

Most opinions are offered without even seeking the full context. 

In a complex world, we need more than full context; we need multiple contexts.

To seek the transcontextual information before we offer an opinion is to be the person who speaks against the crowd of noisy ‘authorities,’ experts and the loud and lazy.

To solve the big issues, the ones that require a whole systems approach, we can no longer get away with a monological view, missing the whole and the multiple.

We must invite the transcontextual to be present. Not just the cold data, the science, the measurable, the linear and the obvious. To include as well the human to human – the cultural nuances, the relational dynamics, the precessional effects, the warm data.

To invite a conversation with the future, with identity, with the field effects and consequences, short and long term.

Through the experience itself, we are shaped and changed. The solution is emergent, forever beta, and often entirely unexpected.

October 13th 2019

Photo taken October 13th, 2019