‘Call me TrimTab’ said Bucky Fuller. 

A Trimtab is the micro rudder on the rudder of a ship. Small, yet able to produce significant change in the direction of a very large boat.

Small consistent actions taken over time make big changes. Showing up in integrity for a lifetime creates big change.

Calling out failures of integrity in others, small and large, can create big change.

Often times it is easy to forget the power of the small act taken consistently. In the doing, it feels so inconsequential. Easy. Boring.

It is not.

In the arc of a life, it has exponential significance.

Kindness and generosity delivered without complaint for 60-80 years affect the fabric of the Universe.

In our measuring apparatus, we find it easy to discount these acts. They seem so ordinary and insignificant in the face of glittering financial success and fame.

In our over-exposure to excess, greed, lies, the great con artist, insta fame…there might be a part of us yearning for the simple consistent acts of beauty, truth and goodness that indicate a person’s character far more than the size of the bank account or the number of followers they have.

Call me TrimTab.

March 30th 2019

Photo taken March 30th 2019