Trimtabs Jitterbugs and Syntrorebels

I have the privilege of spending my days with wonderful people who care deeply about a world with a future.

We have the Trimtabs – people who know that taking a small action can and often does effect great change. They themselves, in their being, are Trimtabs. They often do not do big, bold or bluster. Yet the room, the context and the community are changed when they are near.

Jitterbugs dance with change, like the breath. They are dynamic, a force field of life. They live in movement, their vision is multi-faceted and vast. Yet there is a steadiness to them, a commitment and structure that enables aliveness.

Syntrorebels rock the boat purposefully. They look at normal and see different. Around Syntrorebels, we find our world going topsy-turvy. This is good. We all need some topsy-turvy. Syntrorebels are fearless in the face of the status quo. Equilibrium and stasis are death in lag. Syntrorebels are for aliveness. 

We need each other as a complimentary pair. Sometimes we dance between expressing them all.

The common feature of Trimtabs Jitterbugs and Syntrorebels is an embrace of change. A delighted walk or run with emergence.

Do you identify with any of these? Or would you like to bring an element of each alive in you?

Photo Taken January 9th 2024