True rebellion is collective

I went to see the movie Star Wars – the Empire Strikes Back – when I was at University in Melbourne, Australia. I was still a teenager. It was a 10 PM session. 

I was captivated. Completely. Lost for two hours in a world of fiction expressing reality.

I fell in love with Yoda. Yoda is still my most favourite movie character. Small like me, yet significant. I hoped and hope for significance to this day. 

I consider this time, decades later. 

I suspect we are the Empire. We—our Molochian system of exploitation, winner takes all—are the superorganism that has become so autopoietic it captures all in its tentacles, even the good guys, who hardly know the net they are caught in. Beyond any evil individual, beyond a global cabal, Empire = superorganism is a generative AI, feeding and feasting off excess, so massive it is beyond controlling. It must break.

Our current business schools, inadvertently, are the Darth Vader MBAs (thank you, Cory Doctorow, for naming this) churning our well-intentioned, eager, primed-to-go-hard people who know not what net they are caught in. Animating the very superorganism that will eat their morals and spirit one small bite at a time. Until they are husks of humans, lost in the zombie field of no thing ness. 

Who are the rebels in this game? Who are those who seek to end Empire? 

To break the spell and let people be free of the game that is hollowing out more and more people every day. Mental health. Suicide. Despair. Living victimisation at every turn. The numbing treadmill of trying simply to survive with dignity. The cruelty we inflict on each other. How we think nothing of species extinction. First, they came for the buffalo, and I did nothing. Then they came for the insects, and I did nothing. Then they came for me. Us. We.

I am tired of the hero’s journey, the solo mythic character. True rebellion is collective. It is us—those who refuse to bend to the Molochian system, who see the superorganism and work to unhook its tentacles from our psyche and biology. It requires attention, commitment and love.

I am not sure it is a rebellious fight we need as fighting feeds the superorganism. I am pretty sure it is a rebellious trickster energy that is required. The court jester. The trimtab. The alchemist.  

Let us Syntropic rebels put down our swords and lashing tongues and pick up our trickster flute. Let us alchemise hate and anger into sweet love. Let us focus on the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Come. This is the rebel way of our times. Building new models that make the Superorganism wither from lack of hate, violence, greed, superiority and cruelty.

**If you are a Syntropic rebel and seek to play a different game, join us for the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass and learn the Flight Manual for Spaceship Earth. Life is sacred, we must do everything to demonstrate that it is.

Photo Taken May 12th 2024