Truth is liberating

There is a great quote that the truth will set you free, but first, it might piss you off, or break your heart.

Truth is the ultimate liberation.

In a world of political and corporate obfuscation, where there are deliberate acts to have many of us under the spell of seduction, wishful thinking, and hollow storytelling, the pain of facing the truth can be very hard.

Often we cannot handle the truth. It comes at the cost of confronting the lie that has formed the backbone of our life.

Yet deep down a part of us knows that the architecture of the lie is the house of cards, the very thing that keeps us from moving towards our own wholeness.

To finally face it, to look the lie directly in the eye, is the first step to our own liberation.

If the lie is from others, then naming it, directly and without emotion, blame, or shaming, detached from their choice of how they respond, continues to stabilise our own liberation and sovereignty.

We know truth. When it is named clearly, simply, and with detachment to outcomes, truth becomes accessible. 

To apply Universal truth to our lives, the design of our enterprise, our relationships, as foundational, lightens our lives, and our being.

It is the best way to live. When flow is blocked, look for the lie.

December 4th 2019

Photo taken December 4th, 2019