Truth must be faced

We can only make a future from the depth of the truth we face now. Ben Okri

As Jack Nicholsons’ character yells to Tom Cruise in the movie, A Few Good Men.

“You can’t handle the truth.”

Consider the truth we can handle today.

Can we handle that our carefully constructed life has been based on lies?

Or that the media we believe in was cultivating our minds with propaganda.

Can we face the way our culture accumulated wealth? And still does?

Can we face the truth after our position and stand have been revealed to be a lie? Will we find other ways to justify our position, or will we acknowledge we were wrong?

To change anything, we must know the substrate that our current house is built upon.

This is the beauty of history. If we heed it, we might learn its lessons.

More often than not, we choose to forget. 

We choose to forget. Remembering comes at a price that uproots too much. 

Handling truth is for the brave, for those committed to real change, for those willing to confront the darkness present in all of us.

It requires humility. Humanity. Open heart and mind. Willingness. Capacity to embrace the experience of being wrong.

Eventually, life brings everyone to their knees. Truth must be faced.

Photo Taken August 29th  2023