Tune into the whole instrument of our being

We cannot spreadsheet our way out of everything.

The gloriously annoying thing about being human is our complexity.

For too long we have insisted that the way to be human is to operate using only one of our many ways of processing and synthesising information available to us. Our rational mind.

The overwhelming preference for the rational scientific mind is an affliction that exists in Western culture. Many indigenous cultures rely on multiple sources of incoming information, including feelings and intuition. (Gut)

Our body is an extraordinary instrument, still far from the reach of scientific understanding.

To take the position that it is our minds only that can be trusted is to disrespect the vessel in which the mind is housed, and the larger vessel in which our being exists.

Our culture is excellent at suppressing the feelings and emotions within children, teaching us from a young age that our feelings, emotions, intuition and physical intelligence are inappropriate.

Tune into the whole instrument of our being that lives within a whole Universe in partnership with all other sentient and non-sentient beings.

There is an orchestra playing, if we but pay attention, of which we are a small yet vital part.

Our job is to ensure that the orchestra plays in harmony, that the beauty created has us weep, that our tears feed the Earth with love, and that precious life and wonder flourish.

This masterpiece cannot be done via spreadsheet. It requires the full expression of you.

October 8th 2018