Turning 90 degrees

 We can try to fix what is broken. 

Or we can turn 90 degrees and face a new vista, new possibility, new pathways.

The principle of precession is the effect of an action in one direction that creates another action at 90 degrees.

Often time the precessional action is more powerful than what we set out to do.

A honey bee sets out to gather honey, and as a consequence of his flight path, his legs, at 90 degrees, gather pollen from one flower and take this to another flower. Seemingly inadvertently, but absolutely by design precessionally, the bee through its honey-gathering business creates life on earth.

When we start with a goal we will get a precessional effect, like it or not. 

Perhaps instead, turn 90 degrees and go for the precession. Go for life on Earth. Go for the good, the true and the beautiful.

Choose integrity. Choose new models, new maps, new ways of enterprise that restores dignity to all humans and Earth.

If not this, then we might be playing too small at a game that needs big daring players who fear not. People who know in their bones the power of good people working on things that matter to our collective future.

Instead of trying to fix what is broken – we might build new models that make the broken obsolete.

August 13th 2019

Photo taken July 20th 2018