Two worlds

Imagine..a world where the narrative is that we are all separate, which means if I am to survive, someone else needs to suffer. Competition rules. If you cannot measure it, it doesn’t exist. Everything is commodified. Beauty, love and reverence are those things that you might have as unnecessary accessories…but are hardly relevant to the winner-takes-all

Consequently, we think nothing of digging and scraping and having dominion over. Or turning people and nature into commodities. Or striping love, beauty and reverence from the foundations of our work life.

This means half of people are addicted people, people who wonder, in the quiet hours, why their money or fame leaves them hollow. And those without money and fame are in agony over the lost keys to that kingdom, as if that kingdom offers everything they are missing…


A world where we know we are not separate. The air we breathe is shared, and the soil we rely on to feed us is revered. What benefits me might benefit all. There is enough to go around. 

Love, beauty and reverence are the keys, the place to start. 

Addiction is the result, not the cause. 

Violence is a cry for help…

Perhaps, just perhaps, the answer is to begin with that which you yearn for most. Not stuff, not money, not fame…but the very things that you feel fame and money will give you.

Love, beauty, reverence, intimacy, connection, safety, belonging…

November 9th 2019

Photo taken November 9th, 2019