From the beginning of our education into the workforce…which means from our very first school days…we are trained to leave parts of ourselves out. That might be our crazy way of drawing that doesn’t seem to fit the ‘norm’. Or it could be that we simply don’t function well until later in the day…or that we function best first thing…

We are trained not to say, not to speak, not to rock boats. Some of this is valuable…it is good to learn how our actions impact others. But to have the core aspects of self rejected, the very things that make us so valuable, this is a tragedy.

By the time we actually get to work most of us are showing up as mere shadows of ourselves. Our true value has been reduced to a gooey glaze that may occasionally fire up, but is most often very bland.

This is not how to live and work. Yet this is what our workplaces ask of us.

Please leave most of yourselves at the front door. This includes your personal life, your crazy brilliance, your whacked out time zones, the unique way you see the world. Mostly it includes your voice. Don’t speak up. don’t offer..we are not that interested…and besides, if what you say is right, we may be threatened.

And that is the rub. Our organisations are not designed for whole people to show up. If they did the leadership would be terrified, and the system would not cope. Literally.

So we get used to putting on our daily uniform, our work face, and our work ID.

But not for long. This too is changing. Here is to the rise of the self managed organisations. Organisations that applaud whole people coming to work.

Please read Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux to learn more.


Photo credit.  Creative Commons License martinak15 via Compfight

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