Transformational change is a process. 

It begins with questioning the current status quo. Beliefs that have held for so long begin to look wobbly. The ground under our feet is not quite as solid.

There is a disintegration. A falling away. Sometimes a complete shattering.

It can be triggered by a major event, or simply by the daily trials of life.

We then step into the place of the unbound.

No walls, no floors, no ground…

Our senses abandon us. Certainty has fled for the hills. Reason fails. Faith is crushed.

Unbounded is the in-between, the liminal. It is the field of uncertainty and potentiality. It is at its essence, disorienting. 

In the early stages of being unbounded, we can only feel the uncertainty, the fear, the disorientation. Eventually, as we make peace with the darkness, we begin to sense the field of potentiality that has always been present.

We begin to find the edges. Senses return, heightened. Vistas open up that we have not had, till now, the capacity to see. We begin to set boundaries. To say YES to the new life calling, and NO to all that we desire to leave behind.

If the field of the unbound is the place you find yourself, breathe into the darkness. Relax, if you can, into the uncertainty. 

You are in the in-between, the cradle of infinite potential. It has your back, even when you do not. Allow it to hold you as you emerge into that which is calling.

August 29th 2019

Photo taken August 29th, 2019