Underneath doubt behind confusion

Doubt erodes like rust, eating into the core of our being, the beauty of a project, the marvel of an idea.

If we pause long enough to go beneath the doubt, we might find truth.

Do we really trust ourselves? 

Do we know in our bones that what we are doing, who we are, our idea, is worth it?

It is the message beneath doubt that we might attend to.

This might be that we are deluding ourselves, wishing for something that will not transpire from our current choice.

To ask the question of what doubt obfuscates is to be brave enough to look at the answer. And once seen and felt, with the knowing of truth, to act on that, rather than to be sidelined by doubt.

Confusion is our way of refusing to pause and hold steady to the truth. Confusion requires stopping, deep listening, enquiry. 

Doubt and confusion are signposts that we are denying an aspect of ourselves that requires our fullest attention. Our soul truth.

February 25th 2019

Photo taken February 25th 2019