A little pink cloud against the beautiful greys reminds me that our role is to be so fully us, to bring the totality of our light to the world.

To be unforgettable.

This does not mean to be loud. Or quiet. Unless our full self is the loud dynamo or the quiet and thoughtful one.

All that is not us, all we have adopted through enculturation, projection, fear, protection…to drop away.

This is a life’s work. 

It takes courage…for to be fully ourselves is to stand in the purity of our multitudes of dimensions. To claim our hearts and our anger. Our actions and our passivity. Our thoughtfulness and our neglect.

Imagine a world where the grounded assumption of all of life is that not a single living being is a mistake.

We all have a significant contribution to make. 

To be the little pink cloud, or the weed pushing through cement, to own our magnificence, this is to choose to be the vessel of life towards our purpose as meaningful.

April 12th 2019

Photo taken April 12th, 2019