Unification through division

The Common Language of a Syntropic World

Justice for all, applied without bias.

Multiculturalism and the wealth it brings everyone.

Taking care of the most vulnerable, including our Earth and her creatures.

Access to quality education, health, child and age care.

Work that uplifts making things that serve a future for all.

Considering the long term in all planning.

Food that nourishes without killing our home planet and her gorgeous ecology.

Low-cost renewable energy for all.

An economy that serves Earth and her creatures.

Education that builds resourcefulness, resilience, responsibility and dignity for all, teaching children to partner with life on our one home planet.

Leadership that serves all people and our collective well-being.

Refusing to exploit, extract to extinction.

Moving from a mindset of asymmetrical power, supremacy, and colonisation to a mindset of mutual respect, dignity, justice and care.

Equal opportunity for women, people of colour, people with gender fluidity, people born into different castes – be that racial or economic. 

Rights that come with the responsibility not to harm another’s rights.

If we can agree on these things, then we can unite at the highest level. We may not agree about how we move to a Syntropic World, and our ideas and plans may be different. The unification comes when we know we do agree on the more beautiful world we know is possible. 

In the strategy to arrive at a Syntropic World, we encourage robust debate, inviting those who are the most deeply affected by the current status quo to be part of the solutions, never forgetting what unites us. 

It is the unification of intention through diversity of ideation that will allow us to create a more beautiful Syntropic World.

Photo Taken November 25th 2023