Unity is plural at minimum two

The shadow needs the light. Up exists because of down. Good is only held as good because of the experience of bad.

The proton is to the neutron. 

Left is to right.

Therefore is there any such thing as good or bad? Or are they both needed?

Is the Yin to the Yang simply the dance that enables life? For anything to hold its shape, to be in integrity, we need polarity. 

Polarity is fundamental to existence. 

When we have too much polarity, too much charge, we will reach a place where explosion is the only option. Our current world is moving towards this as our political polarity rises.

When we have too much ‘niceness’ too much consensus, too much politically correct, overly sensitive and sensitised communities, we get collapse.

Any relationship, community, system or structure requires the dance of polarity to be in integrity. A minimum of twoness is required for existence.

Februrary 29th 2020

Photo taken February 29th, 2020, by Tony