Unleashing the true brilliance of an organisation

Look at any organisation, team, family unit or business, and you will certainly find the following.

Interpersonal conflict

Lack of clarity of purpose, direction, project parameters

Blame of others or the system


Conflicting worldviews, perspectives and cultures

The amount of energy that is lost to these communication and people issues is immense. Loss in time, energy, effort, inefficiency, focus.  At a rough guess, say a 30% loss of available energy for every person involved. Often higher.

As a simple exercise, think of what is consuming your mental and emotional energy right now. Is it creativity, innovation, problem-solving, design, relationship building…all desired…or is it worrying about Sue or Paul, or the boss, or why people will or won’t, can or can’t, or why didn’t she do this, deliver that, understand this, be on time with, why the leadership says this and does that?

What is the cost of a 30% loss due to poor interpersonal, communication and leadership skills? In pure dollar terms, every opportunity you have to make $100 is reduced to $70. That hurts. But that doesn’t even take into account the stress, sleepless nights and endless conversations to try to reach resolution.

There is a cost that is less obvious but very critical. The cost of brilliance.

If we have a higher competency in our conscious communication and leadership tools, reducing significantly the interpersonal conflicts and lack of clear communication, this allows another element to enter the fray. Something even more powerful. When clean communication is present, more intelligence can be expressed. Not just because the garbage noise has been reduced.

But because when two or more people sit with each other in a clean space, the field of access is opened in a transpersonal way.

This is the basis of collective intelligence and synergy. The space between atoms, particles, objects, ideas, people…is available when the friction is reduced. Here lies genius, innovation…breathtaking brilliance…the kind of outcomes most organisations and innovative entrepreneurs aspire to.

Take your $100 and get $1000 or more.

Like? What’s not to like?

Invest in conscious communication and leadership tools if you aspire to this type of true brilliance. Do the math, it will end up being a wise investment.

Caveat; the success of any intervention depends on the interior condition and intelligence of the intervener.

March 3rd 2020

Photo taken March 1st, 2020, Cork Ireland