Unlocking the power of enterprise for a more beautiful world Part #6. Networks and the Field

This week’s article is the sixth of seven in the series about the Considerations for a Beautiful Syntropic Enterprise. In this article, we explore Pillar #5. People, Networks and the Field

If you want to read the introduction article from March 17th, you can access it here. https://syntropic.world/unlocking-the-power-of-enterprise-for-a-more-beautiful-world-part-1/

As a reminder, here are the 6 Pillars of a Syntropic Enterprise we are currently working through.

Pillar 1. Clarity of the Source Idea – the original impulse and Evolutionary Purpose

Pillar 2. Self-development as a leader/steward

Pillar 3. Structural Integrity of Organisational Design. Creating Ecologies of Trust and Synergy

Pillar 4. People, teams, culture. A company of people and relationships.

Pillar 5. Networks and the field. A healthy economy is a healthy network of relationships with people, creatures, our Earth, the future, and the sacred.

Pillar 6. Strategy and Implementation. The Dance of Time, emergent strategy, strategic intention, and the autopoiesis of a living enterprise.

Let’s dive into the five elements of Pillar 5. Networks and the Field

1. Is everything you create and do a fractal and harmonic of natural systems design?

If not, you probably have the design wrong. Nature has been experimenting with its coordinate system for nearly 14 billion years. One only has to study human biology and neurology to know that Nature’s coordinate system is infinitely more comprehensive than any human-designed system that seeks to be separate or superior from Nature.

Our quest to deploy Nature’s Coordinate System in Syntropic World is based on these two simple premises.

  1. We are Nature. Current systems have adopted a position of superiority to the Natural World. When we believe we have dominion over Nature, we seed a tidal wave of domination, superiority, exploitation, extraction to extinction, and colonisation.
  2. When we choose to be Nature, not separate from Nature, and partner with Nature’s design and lore, Nature’s intelligence and advanced design make our task as humans in the Universe much easier. For example, we partner with Nature when we live to seasons and cycles, ebbs and flows. When we refuse to allow monopoly because monopoly is entropic, cancerous and life-destructive, we partner with Nature. When we play with holons – acknowledging that everything is a whole and a part – we relinquish our attachment to dominator hierarchies. Considering the seven generations in all we do, is to partner with Nature and Natural Systems. Understanding and deploying Nature’s lores – like synergy, precession, unity, is plural at minimum two, gravity, emergence and integrity – is to partner with Nature.

2. Who is in the greater network of your enterprise?

We consider all the people, even those who will be peripherally affected by your enterprise in the present and the future. How will our enterprise affect them positively and negatively? What might they have to say or contribute towards the enterprise and its effects?

Also consider the key people who can uplift, support, champion or advise.

While we consider the greater network, we should also consider the creatures and our Earth affected by our enterprise and the people participating.

3. How strong is your network?

The web of connections around your business? A healthy Syntropic Economy is a healthy network of relationships. When we refuse to attend with exquisite care to the relationships around us, to human relational design and human/creature/Earth relational design, we deny the possibility of synergy. Synergy is the greatest exponential technology available to us.

What relationships do you need to attend to? What relational design areas need recalibration?

4. What is your business’s field of play?

The economic, environmental, and cultural ecosystem? Knowing the field is akin to a gardener knowing the soil before they plant their crop. What must we do to protect our enterprise and people from harm? To ensure a sense of safety and well-being? To enable resilience and self and collective reliance? To allow gorgeous creativity that thrives with constraints?

How much attention are you giving the field as you build the business? Are you reading the signposts? Watching for the trim tabs of change? One of the key roles of a Steward Leader is to be attentive to the immediate and larger field of play.

5. Where will an attack come from in the exterior world?

The naysayers, rock throwers, covert and overt troublemakers? What are your pathways to respond? Revert to values. Principles. The Why. If you are doing really great work in the world and challenging the status quo, you will be attacked. Be prepared for it. Build organisational resilience into the design. At the same time, be sure to have mechanisms to discern between attack to destroy and attack to lift up. Harsh feedback can be difficult to hear, but it is worth it. An attack can destroy when it is not anticipated and is met with an energetic opposite.

Surround yourself with people you trust who believe in you and will keep love in your field when the attack comes. The greater the public profile, the greater the status quo being rocked, and the more certain an attack is.

Everything exists in a network and a field. We are all whole, yet parts of a larger whole. Our ability to honour the interdependence of existence and cultivate the networks and field with love and care increases our synergistic capacity.


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Next week we complete this series. We will cover Pillar #6. Strategy and Implementation. The Dance of Time, emergent strategy, strategic intention, and the autopoiesis of a living enterprise.