Untangled Identity

What is identity? Who are we? Who are we not? Who is the essential self?

Etymologically identity means same/sameness. Perhaps our identity is the constant that exists underneath the noise of imposed culture, the stories we have swallowed as true, the labels we have not questioned.

Our identity is shaped through complexity. 

The genetic imprint, including the epigenetic trauma of our ancestors.

The unique breath that is the timing of our conception, our birth.

The ecology into which we are born, its influence profound.

The name we are given and its resonance in to the field.

Our gender, sexuality, health, skin colour, hair colour, size…

The lived experience of our lives.

The many experiences and opportunities we miss out on.

The richness we are exposed to, or that we do not know we miss.

The resilience that we cultivate, or the lack of resilience has us be easy prey.

To be whole is to embrace it all, and in so doing, examine that which serves our wholeness, and that which does not.

To be sovereign is to begin to choose, as an adult, what you desire to express in your identity.

To not be the conscious or unconscious victim of the labels, stories and influences of your life’s ecology.

This is great work. Difficult work. Often painful work. To sort the unreconciled, the imposed, the incoherent parts of self from the deep eternal identity of our Soul.

Our lives are towards the refinement of our identity. There is no arrival. However, there is a grounded certainty that is evident when someone has committed to this work.

The clarity of their known identity transmits – cutting through the noise of fake bravado and self-aggrandisement – the message of one who is delightfully happy and at peace in their own skin and with the essential who-ness of their being.

October 7th 2019

Photo taken October 7th, 2019