The Vector of Power

When the Source Idea, its Pattern Integrity, and the Purpose to which you are moving are aligned and coherent, this is the vector of power.

It has an energy and direction to it that pierces through seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Obstacles, like temptations, are extraordinary opportunities to become creative in how we keep the vector of power alive without any violation of its Pattern Integrity.

It requires asking the obscure, the odd, the random, the unthinkable questions.

Too often we capitulate to the easy path, the path that dilutes the Pattern Integrity. The first moment we do this sets the stage for the second moment of violation to become easy. Hannah Arendt’s “original sin of simple robbery.” Little atrocities.

The vector of power, being an energetic arrow of intention, creates a field of attraction.

It moves people to action. 

April 7th 2019

Photo taken April 7th, 2019