Visionary Leadership

Big bold change. No more rearranging deck chairs.

Driven by seeing a future, and risking being liked. Not being told to toe the party line by factions, or being led by corporate interests.

It includes listening deeply to the people. Respecting them as able, wise, and smart. Paying attention to the rising tide of the majority.

At the national level, it is rare. 

We the people feel its absence as a gaping hole, tired of the small, petty, dishonest.

Visionary leadership does not live in ivory towers and big white houses. It lives in an always present on-the-ground relationship with the people the leaders serve, not just a small group of people with wealth and power, but those who form the backbone of any company or country.

Out of the desert hope emerges. The changing of the guard are young, and female.

There is a balancing in the wind. Past due.

Photo taken May 18th, 2019