Visionary thinking requires space

One of the most essential conditions I create as a non-negotiable is white space.

I aim for at least two days in my working week when my calendar is empty of appointments. I call this white space.

I use this time in various ways.

A free-flow catch-up of tasks, uninterrupted.

The opportunity to focus on big projects – visionary thinking requires space.  Anything that requires thoughtfulness and reflection needs space.

My white space days are often my most precious when it comes to business progress.

I get to watch the video, consider the thing, read the long-form article. 

Whenever I do this, whole new worlds so often crack open, and new paths are revealed. 

Without my white space days, I feel squeezed up, and my creativity tanks.

 How do you enable your creativity to flow? 

Photo Taken March 7th 2023