When you love your work, you spend your days in a heightened state of arousal. Pretty cool. What’s not to love about that?

The world is filled with people who have brought the system…”do as you are told, go to school, get the required education, get a good job, work for the machine.” Today we are seeing the youth saying… “Hell no. I start my life saddled with massive debt from an education that I was told I needed and now I can’t get a job?”

What is a job? And who would want one long term? A job has no vitality. It is a way to fill your day while you are planning what you really want to do. And often in the planning you become numb, totally swallowed by the machine. And you forget who you are. And what role you have to play that makes your eyes sparkle and your heart sing. So we have cities filled with zombies. The most aroused they get is through very ordinary sex, too much social media, or crap TV, magazines, gossip…

Bucky Fuller did the computer sums and discerned that it is probably cheaper to pay people to stay at home, to not commute, to not produce stuff that adds no real value but consumes earth energy. They then might have a chance to discover where they are vocationally aroused. And we would honour people for doing what was spontaneously arousable within them that adds value to the whole. We would honour those who love to do the caring roles that our current society regards as worthless…like taking care of children, the elderly, the physically challenged. We would not say that they are less value than the guy who gets paid silly money for trading bits on a screen. We would honour men who wanted to be stay home dads, and women who wanted to be stay home mums. We would celebrate the artists and artisans, music makers, poets, the masters and the apprentices. We would measure value by the joy in the eyes of the creative spirit, and the contribution they make to the joy and wellbeing of all.

How to navigate your way back to vocational arousal? Most of us have lost the map. And we have no idea where to begin looking. It is actually an inner journey. More like an archeological dig. Much debris needs to be removed, many things need to be unlearned. Exquisite care needs to be taken. Support of a fabulous guide is helpful. Time needs to be surrendered. Radical truth needs to be confronted and lived in. Views need to be expanded, for most of us are seeing through the lens we have been taught is the only lens. Whole worlds become visible.

Vocational arousal is life. It is the twinkle. The dance and the music.

This, or nothing…

Ah joy

Delicious dancing bubbles of joy

There is no ending


no beginning….

Only an eternity



With deep homage to Barbara Marx Hubbard for coining the term, vocational arousal.