Walking on a living creature

I had to walk 50 metres to the beach to capture this sunrise.

The night filled with the sounds of migratory birds that arrive in their hundreds of thousands from as far away as Siberia. 

The sand crushed coral and shells with the colours of the shells through it.

Around my feet as I type wanders one of the many local residents. A Buff Banded Rail. Usually shy, these locals are now part of Heron Island life.

Stranding on the beach this morning, hundreds of Mutton Birds left their evening residence to spend the day at sea. Many flew so close to my head I could hear their wings move.

And on the beach at the low tide, many Cone Shells. Pretty. But deadly. Not to be touched.

The island itself come October will be the nesting place for turtles.

I am truly aware of walking on a living creature. This island. Our Earth. Gaia. 

It is a day for awe.

Photo taken September 1st 2022