A good friend of mine recently submitted a question on Facebook about what practices accelerate personal development the most.

Overwhelmingly the answers were entrepreneurship, a committed partnership/marriage, and raising kids.

Given that I am in the capital raising part of a startup and have been in the threshing phase for the last 18 months, I can vouch for the massive personal development I have been undergoing.

Whatever your fears, they are likely to come up. What ever your sabotaging mechanisms, they will meet you more than once.

There will be many many nights when you are awake at 2.23AM, wakened by every emotion from terror to exhilaration.

You will have to do things that make you feel intensely uncomfortable. You will be tested on your ethics and values, and the vision you hold for your creation.

There will be days when you wonder what is the point. And days when you question your own value. Days when you feel so far out of your depth, and days when you feel a fraud. The bigger the project the more of these days will show up.

And then there will be days where the heavens open and friggin amazing things happen. The exact person shows up to take the project forward. People offer support that you didn’t know you needed. An idea suddenly arrives from left field that opens the whole project up to greater dimensions.

No one tells you about this in B School. No one warns you that you will be living on edge, driven like the crazy scientist by passion and sheer force of will. And that if you do not have this passion and will you are unlikely to make it.

Like any endeavour worth taking, the price is high. Blood sweat tears and ridiculous joy.

Take it. Say hell yes to your passion and hell no to the saboteur, the fearful you.

Photo Credit : Gabriela Ferreira via Compfight