Wanting to believe

Sometimes, we want to believe something so much that we violate our code of conduct to do so.

We may have invested years into the belief before we start to sense disbelief. The sunk costs of transcending the belief feel too big. Our identity might be on the line.

Who are we without this belief?

Snake oil salespeople seek out fragile people who want to believe in something so badly they will cast side commonsense and instinct to do so.

The real con man uses charisma to weave a spell. Those who love the stage need adoring fans – to the degree they will do and say anything to seduce the fragile. And they do. Time and again.

Wanting to believe allows us to become a part of something. To feel important. To belong. 

A community like Syntropic World must work with intention to allow evolving and emergent information flows and beliefs to be challenged and to change. 

If we do not, we risk becoming entropic. Stuck in a fixed belief and in decay in lag.

Photo Taken October 5th 2023