Warm data is information about the interrelationships that integrate elements of a complex system.


If you have a complex problem to solve that requires a whole systems view and trans-contextual approach, consider a Warm Data Lab


Facilitated by Dr. Christine McDougall

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The Warm Data Lab is an extraordinary way of bringing people together to expand their contexts, and as such to find whole systems solutions to complex problems

* Warm Data evidences the humanity in complex systems, so often stripped out by cold data

*the Warm Data Lab experience is a very non-threatening way to bring people to a higher order of awareness about complex systems

*Warm Data Labs address significant questions. Solutions come from the people in the Lab once they have been steeped in multiple contexts.

Is this for you and your team?


You have a significantly complex problem to address and you want full team engagement

You have a team of over 12 people

You can invest a minimum half-day in the Warm Data Lab, but preferably a full day

You know the solution will come from a whole new way of perceiving, thinking, seeing

You believe in beauty, truth, humanity, synergy, love, connectivity, interdependence as primary to any enterprise

The potentiality..


Or a much deeper awareness as a team about the trans-contextual data needed to make wise decisions


The collective intelligence to no longer reduce the complex, instead to stay in the question and explore the trans-contexts that might allow a higher order of design to emerge


Decisions and creativity that is elegantly aligned and coherent towards an eternally regenerative Universe

Dr. Christine McDougall

is an internationally recognised facilitator, practitioner, teacher coach, and authority in integrative systems design, human relational design, deep wealth design and regenerative enterprises. She has held large multi-stakeholder initiatives towards a better future or all, managing diversity, complexity and various stages of human development. Christine is a certified host of Warm Data Labs with the International Bateson Institute, as well as certified in Exponential   Technologies as an ExO Advisor.

As the principal of Syntropic.world – She works with leaders and enterprises globally who have a commitment to being the pioneers of enterprise change. Christine has the ability to completely re-imagine business, its role in our world, and its potential for a future for all humans. She experiences a deeper level of truth than most through applying synergetics (Buckminster Fuller’s anticipatory design science) and has a way of articulating this so others can see it as well. Christine questions the most basic assumptions that drive our complex systems and can map that back to what is needed today. She is committed to the creation of Syntropic enterprises as Ubiquitous = enterprises that enable a higher order. By nature they evoke gravity (attraction) and coherence towards an eternally regenerative Universe.

She is the author of;

Dare to Care- Radical Truth with Compassion – a two-day workshop on speaking the radical truth with compassion (The Speak the Truth ebook is available for download.)

Unplanning Obsolescence – A One Day Strategy Session in building enterprise for a world with a future.

Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass– new models of enterprise design that enables self-managed deliberately developmental enterprise design, steward leadership, and the alignment and coherence of all provisions – financial, human, resources.

Beauty of Beginnings – a daily short contemplation and sunrise photo.

How to Start a Syntropic Enterprise-Business for a world with a future – a short primer to get your enterprise moving towards Syntropy



$3000 for a half day, $6000 for a full day
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Frequently asked questions

Is this for not-for-profit or for-profit or both?

The Warm Data Lab is designed for all enterprise types. It can also be held across enterprises, in government, city councils, and with a combination of the public and private sectors.

Do you offer scholarships?

If the price is an issue for you please contact us and we will discuss dignified options that value all parties and makes it easy for you to hold a Warm Data Lab.

We are a well established business. Is this relevant to us?

The Warm Data Labs have been hosted in large multi-national companies, local and national governments, communities, charities and multi-stakeholder groups.



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*Between 7AM and 5PM Brisbane Australia time


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