I have never met a single human who is not fascinated by the sun rise. Like a full moon, it is an entirely natural event that magically convenes people. We never tire of baring witness to the daily rise of the sun.

Why is this? Apart from the obvious beauty, what draws us to rise early and watch the birth of a new day?

Is it because it is the opportunity to start again? That after sleep, we can put aside for a moment our fears and worries, and consider the blank canvas that is this day?

There is something so profound about renewal. Beginnings. The clean sheet of paper. Starting over.

Yet to really embrace beginnings we must have let go of all the sticky attachments to the past. We must take from yesterday what is useful and discard that which no longer serves us or the world.

In standing bare foot to the dawn of a new day, free of yesterdays old stories and burdens, is to invite mystery. What will be written on this clean sheet of paper? And by whom?

There is a taste of adventure and possibility to a fully present new day. What will this day bring? Will this be the day?

The longer we have walked the Earth, the more aware we are that everything can change for the better or the worse, in one nanosecond.

The unexpected miracle. The tragic death.

This is life.

Watching the dawn brings reverence to the mystery and the certainty that nothing is certain.