We are all investors

The question is, what are we investing in?

To invest is to ‘clothe in, to dress.’ The idea is to give capital a new form.

Capital is ‘of or pertaining to the head. Chief. First.’

What do you place first or as the highest priority in your life?

Why do you do this?

What new form do you want this priority to take?

I have always placed my health as the highest priority. The form I intend this investment to take is ongoing health as my body ages. I want to be chronologically old and physically strong and vital. 

To consider we are all investors is to consider the future we are shaping for our lives.

When I was single – which was the majority of my life – I determined to invest in my happiness and joy as a single person. If I were to have a relationship, it would be a synergistic response to my very happy and complete life. I did not seek a relationship. I invested in being fully whole. 

When our relationship happened, it was indeed a synergistic response. We are better together in every way.

I now invest in my relationship with my love. We spend time together, discuss everything, work through concerns, and have each other’s back. The new form we hold is our ever more respect and love for each other. 

What are you investing in?

Photo Taken June 18th 2023