We are fighting the wrong battle

For many years I thought I was the problem. I was a failure. 

Do well at school. Check. 

Go to University. Check.

Work hard. Check.

And the road will be paved with a steady passage to success and accumulation.

Not true.

It is easier for the power structures that privilege the already powerful to keep those seeking the same access and power as them fighting their inner demons of perceived failure while the system, the superorganism, keeps the flywheel of power running to further enrich the rich while keeping the rules of the game stacked against entry by anyone.

The reason people are poor, badly educated, unhoused and constantly on the cliff of precarity, is that the superorganism is designed to do exactly that.

People, we are fighting the wrong battle. If a battle is to be fought. 

The battle is to break the superorganism into pieces. This is where equity and justice can be found.

Any other distraction, which we delight in becoming embroiled in, keeps the super organism fed and happy. 

The drama cycles we create and feed between us keep us from seeing the actual game that is being played.

It is not you. It is not us. 

See the game for what it is first. 

Stop playing.

Build a different, better game. One that places all life thriving as central to every action.

Photo Taken December 23rd 2023