We are not the ones in control

The ocean

It has always been the ocean, my love. The place where my soul is nourished. 

When I am far from the ocean I feel a loss and yearning.

She is the most inspiring teacher. She reminds me, again and again, of my insignificance. When I think I have learnt her ways, she throws me, without prediction, into a tangle of limbs and hair and sand, gasping for breath. 

Think again, she says. You know nothing. Arrogance cannot live long in my embrace. Respect. Communion. Caution. Deep listening. Bring these elements with you.

Today she was treacherous, demanding deep respect and caution. She wore her treachery in disguise, as is often her way. To confuse you.

Other days she is playful and soft. 

I cannot plan with her schedule. I can only yield and adapt. 

When I consider the ocean, I think about the ridiculous belief we humans have that we can control, direct, and predict business or political outcomes. That almighty strategic plan that we spend our attention creating and then driving – forcing – through.

The ocean, the winds, and the weather laugh at us. Foolish humans. 

Perhaps the ancient Greeks were onto something when their Gods were Gods of the Ocean, Forests, Mountains, lightening. They reminded us that we are not the ones in control. 

We might be wise to remember that we are not in control. When my arrogance or superiority gets out of check, the Ocean sorts me out. Every time.

Photo Taken March 12th 2024