We are part of the whole

As I gaze at a very stormy wild sea on this February morning I am again reminded by nature that her violence is as beautiful as her calm.

The ocean is responding to the effects of the full moon overnight, and a confluence of events in our atmosphere that we humans have affected for good or bad.

How do we humans discount that the movement of the heavens does not influence us? That we too have a storm of emotions boiling within us, and that these emotions are as beautiful as the calm we feel on a different day?

Or the bigger question, that while I sit here as a single individual, the body of the heavens that is affecting the mighty Pacific is affecting everyone. On so many levels we are part of the whole. The rising tide is rising in you, and me.

Contemplating the immensity of it all…while the storm rages on.

February 1st 2018

Photo taken 15th April 2014