We are the instrument

Through which the song of our life flows.

We might learn to play an instrument, be that a violin or a spreadsheet, but the music is generated from within.

Questions to consider…

Are we listening for the early notes of the song? 

Do we recognise them as ours to steward?

Do we love them, even when they might appear lacking any form of beauty in their early phase?

Are we able to nurture them, even as the world seeks to dull them or extinguish them?

If we are the instrument for the greatest symphony of our life, how do we care for the instrument? Our bodies, the temple?

How do we ensure we place our body being into the field that supports our song to be born in its magnificence?

When the song lines arrive, those that have the weight of our entire life threaded through them, do we create the field for them to emerge in the most integrous form, the most whole expression of their being?

We are the instrument. Each human a gift given as the instrument of their art.

Play…the world misses our song when we hide it, hold it back or keep it still.

September 5th 2019

Photo taken September 4th, 2019